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Crittenden Rawlings

Crittenden Rawlings was a 60 year veteran of the fine men's tailored clothing business, working with, and as President and CEO of such storied companies as Polo/Ralph Lauren, Cricketeer, Norman Hilton, and Oxxford Clothes, leading the creative and sales teams of some of the best known companies in the fashion and menswear industries in New York City and throughout the United States.  A talented eye, passion for quality, and an encyclopedic knowledge of fine fabrics have always been his trademarks.


                                                               The Soft Coat

   A consummate professional with a true passion for design, fabrics, and the mens clothing business, Critt, as he was known, in 2001 tried to retire to his horse farm in his native Kentucky, but found it hard to stay away from the world of fabric and design.  He even began breeding his own Shetland sheep, shearing them, and producing his own wool on the farm--at that point he realized he didn't want to rest until he began his own line of well-made, well-designed, well-priced tailored clothing.  One of his first designs, the unstructured "soft" sportcoat was a huge hit and was soon seen being copied all over the marketplace...

                                                 "Slow" Fashion

  When he founded Crittenden Clothing in 2001, Critt was able to bring all the insider knowledge, great taste and hallmarks of his storied career to a small "artisanal" company, making a product designed thoughtfully, with respect and love for the great traditions of mens tailored clothing, the traditions and history of the industry: the charming woolen mills of the UK, the silks and other fine fabrics of Italy, the many family run businesses that still existed in the fashion industry, yet were beginning to struggle in the age of fast fashion.  He worked with friends who were traditional tailors, and other true artisans all over the world, and began to make his garments with the utmost care and attention to detail together. Today Crittenden, a family business, comes to you from mills and manufacturers the world over many of whom are also family businesses, handed down through the generations, and who are as much friends as business partners.


  In addition to bringing "slow fashion" to the market and reintroducing the old-fashioned values of  fine "slow clothing," with impeccable customer service and attention to personal relationships with each customer, Critt saw that what Crittenden could provide that the other luxury brands lacked was great quality for a great value, filling a hole in the marketplace for the American man by providing a luxury product at a price point that made and continues to make dressing well accessible and available to more men.


                                           Excellence in Quality, Excellence in Value

 The Crittenden Rawlings line offers classic but creative tailored clothing, made with attention to every detail:  working button holes, piped seams, authentic French facing and more. For 60 years Crittenden did, and his team continue to, travel the world to find unique and luxurious fabrics, and oversee every detail of design and construction meticulously. What continues to set his line apart and makes a Crittenden Rawlings suit, sportcoat or trouser the best value in menswear is this:  we are able to tailor our clothing with the very same details and features, using the same luxury fabrics that are normally only found on suits and sport coats that retail for thousands, but because of Critt's unmatched experience, impeccable taste, and decades of close friendships and relationships with European mills, tailoring professionals and manufacturers, he is able to bring these beautiful garments to the market at a much more attractive price. Thanks to Crittenden Rawlings, every man can dress well.   

You can find Crittenden Rawlings clothing and accessories at many fine mens retail stores throughout the United States, and at our own retail stores in Midway and Lexington, Kentucky, and coming to soon to other locations on the East Coast...

Since 2001, our company ethos is simply this: Excellence in Quality, Excellence in Value.

Crittenden Rawlings:  Wear Something Worth It.


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Meet The Team

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Critt Rawlings



Allie Rawlings

Creative Director


Jason Becker

VP of Production


Judy Rawlings

Chief Customer Service Manager

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