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They're back.  The bit of French elegance you need to up your game.  The trademark of a gentleman of good taste.  A piece of artisanal craftsmanship.  That certain "je ne sais quoi" for your outfit.  The House of Simonnot Godard was founded in France in 1787 and since then has been producing the finest handkerchiefs and pocket squares in the world.  Like everything that we offer you at Crittenden, we offer these pocket squares because they are the world's finest:

  • Only the finest purest cottons and linens are used
  • A special traditional whitening process is done in a small workshop in the Vosges mountains, known for the purity of the water to achieve the finest white.
  • Cut-yarn and windowed-yarn jacquard patterning, and all Simonnot Godard patterns are always woven, never printed like other companies.
  • The traditional hand-rolled hems are still completed by two "roulotteuse," craftspeople who specialize in hand-hem-rolling, a traditional job that is rare these days in France but being preserved by Simonnot Godard

Simonnot Godard Pocket Square in Blue/Green with Gold Plaid

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  • Info

    • 100% super-fine cotton
    • hand-rolled hems
    • 12" x 12"
    • Made in France
    • hand wash, light iron
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