From Purdey of England, imported from Scotland, comes a great lightweight rugged vest that is designed for a day of shooting but is also very fashionable around town, for a hike, at the polo match or any outdoorsy event.  


  • Cotton with Suede shooting patches
  • Large pockets
  • Zip front 
  • Made in England
  •  The Suede patches on the shoulders ensure sufficient grip for the butt of your gun.

    Purdey shooting vests contain a hidden D3O® absorption pad in the shoulder to reduce recoil when in the field. By using advanced polymer chemistry, D3O® absorbs the energy created by each shot, in turn reducing the amount of force transmitted to your body, while remaining soft and flexible as to not compromise on comfort. The pad is designed to be interchangeable between the left and right shoulder depending on your preferred shooting stance.

Purdey Lightweight Spring Shooting Vest

$495.00 Regular Price
$295.00Sale Price